Healthy Fried Rice with Leftover Rice

Quick, Healthy and Easy. This dish doesn't require any special tricks, and it's much faster than cooking in a frying pan.
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Healthy Fried Rice with Leftover Rice

This fried rice is very easy to make. Since this dish is not cooked in an oil, low calories and much healthier choice. Also you can make your own version of the fried rice by adding some of your favorite ingredients. ( add cooked shrimp? chopped onions? Green Peas?...)

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Prep Time 2 mins Cook Time 5 mins Total Time 7 mins 2 Servings: 2

★ The amount of ingredients and heating time are measured for 1 ~ 2 people.


★ cooking times may vary depending on your microwave's wattage, brand and size.


    1. Cut the ham and imitation crab into 1 cm cubes. ***1
    2. Chop the shiitake mushroom and green onion. ***2
    3. Break the egg into the Donabe, then add rice,seasonings, sesame oil and mix well. 
    4. Flatten the rice mixture in the Donabe.
    5. Set 1 and 2 on top of the rice mixture.
    6. Cover and heat at 50% power level ( 500 W) for 5 min.  ***3
    7. Mix altogether gently. ***4
    ***1...You can add boiled/cooked shrimp instead of the ham and imitation crab, or all 3 together. ***2... adding some chopped onion is another great idea ***3... If you don't have the Power Level Setting on your microwave, cook for about 3 min. If the rice is still hard, please add 1 min at a time. ***4...Put some green peas on top of the fried rice is a great addition. (optional)
Keywords: Rice, Egg, Green Onion, Shiitake Mushroom, Ham, Imitation Crab

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