The Awayuki Body Towel

“This is one thing that I want to continue using until the day I die.”

A Chinese blogger in Japan values one thing above all else. Residing in Japan for more than 15 years, this 39-year-old blogger and professor of fine arts claims that, were he to return to his homeland, he’d miss one item more than anything else, and simply can’t begin to fathom why it hasn’t caught on back home. For this man, the humble nylon wash cloth is the pinnacle of Japanese invention, and it has become an essential part of his life.

Above quote from “Sora News”


Almost anyone who has visited or lived in Japan knows the Japanese bathing practices. Before actually dipping in a public bath or natural hot springs Onsen, each person has a small, short stool to sit on with his/her own hot and cold water faucet, and a small wooden or plastic wash basin. After rinsing off, most bathers will use a rough nylon washing body towel, and with one push from the liquid soap dispenser, a few squeezes to build up the luxurious lather, then proceed to scrub every part. The towels are about 40″ long, so easily clean all the hard to reach places. After a total body wash and exfoliation, people rinse off again and finally hit the hot water bath.

The Awayuki Exfoliating Body Towel uses “66 nylon technology” which is an ultra-fine flexible fiber. This material creates a very fine, dense lather and washes the body gently. The towel needs only a small amount of liquid body soap, and you will be amazed at how clean you feel after each use! 

Awayuki foam

Awayuki 66 Nylon image

These towels will dry quickly after each use. Just rinse it out and hang it up.

Exfoliating washing towel, luxurious foaming from just 1 push of your favorite liquid soap. Cleans all your hard to reach places! Once you’ve tried The Awayuki Body Towel, you’ll never bathe without one.

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Awayuki nylon body towel

The Awayuki Body Towel is available in 3 textures. The Regular (shown here), Hard and Extra Hard. The rough exfoliating surface of the towels may be too rough for extremely delicate skin. If the towel feels rough, rub lightly.

The Regular and Hard towels are 11″ wide and 39″ long, and the Extra Hard is 11″ wide by 47″ long, so you can easily reach every part of your body.

Awayuki translates to “foam snow” which perfectly describes the luxurious extra fine bubbles/foam which are produced.

Pokoawa body towel

Also available here are the Pokoawa nylon body towels. The same extreme foaming from your favorite liquid body soap, with the added bumps for extra cleansing and exfoliating.

Pokoawa is available in Regular and Hard types. The Regular is for people with delicate skin.

Pokoawa towels are 9.8″ wide by 39″ long, so you can wash every part of your body. Totally refreshing!

The Awayuki Body Wash Towels
Pokoawa Exfoliating Body Wash Towels

Established in 1951, The Ohe & Co. Ltd. is a major manufacturer of household products including Health & Beauty, Kitchen, Laundry and Bath Room goods. They manufacture in Japan, Hong Kong, China and Thailand.

In 2000, the Ohe Company obtained the ISO 9002 quality certification.

The Awayuki (Awa is Japanese for “foam” and Yuki for “snow”) Body Towels are part of a full lineup up body towels. Unless you have very sensitive skin, or if you wish to bathe your children, the Normal, Hard and Ultra Hard are the most effective exfoliant types.

High quality, Made in Japan.

Ohe factory