The Nekojasuri®

The Patented Nekojasuri cat groomer is a combination of the words neko (cat) and yasuri (file). It is an expertly crafted and simple to use groomer for your cats. Not a brush, but a new type of communication tool.

The multi awarded, specially crafted type of pet interactive tool that allows cats and their owners to communicate in a new way. It is constructed of a special resin molding technique crafted by 130 year old file manufacturer “Wataoka”. Its special comb teeth have extremely fine texture and high precision. The overall design is as simple as it is elegant. Thanks to its compact size, it fits well in the hand.

Nekojasuri on cat1

Love your cat in a new way. The Nekojasuri imitates the feeling a cat enjoys while self grooming, as the file was specifically designed with rows of tiny “teeth” which very closely acts and feels like a cat’s rough tongue.

Grooming plays a very important role for cats, both physically and mentally. It is also an important means of communication in building a relationship of trust between us humans and cats.

Cat rough tongue
The Nekojasuri Grey

I had so much fun with the kittens, and now I’m 200% confident to say “ The Nekojasuri works amazingly!!!” I tried the Nekojasuri with all the kitties they had today. I would say probably 15 cats.

A few of them were a little scared at the initial touch, but ALL of them came back to me on their own to get more spa time!!!!

Also watching the kittens enjoying being groomed was a very soothing, almost therapeutic kind of time for me as well.

It was amazing!!!!!’

June Voss CEO Japanese Goods USA

Cats are said to spend about two-thirds of their day sleeping, but they spend up to 30% of their remaining one-third of their activity time on grooming

Does your cat love to be pet and rubbed? Even if they don’t, cats absolutely love the Nekojasuri® as it feels just like being licked and comforted.

The surface of a cat’s tongue has numerous protrusions called “filiform papillae”. This “roughness” prevents hairballs and dermatitis by firmly entangling fine dirt and dust in the cat’s hair.

Cat saliva also contains disinfectant properties that keep the body clean.

Relaxation effect

Cats are just as stressed as we humans are.

They try to calm themselves down by grooming when they feel nervous, anxious or surprised, for example, when they hear a loud noise or are angry with their owner (!) Cats can be finicky, moody and unsocial but the Nekojasuri seems to make most of them swoon with pleasure!

Over 200,000 cats in Japan can’t be wrong!

Voted “Japan Cat Goods of the Year” 2022-2023 for sales of over 200,000 pieces!

The Nekojasuri

How to use The Nekojasuri – video:

Beware of cheap knock-off products! They don’t work!

A search on Amazon USA found a fake cat grooming brush sold under the brand “Moonshuttle”, which looks almost exactly like the real Nekojasuri.

It is obvious that the top box is inferior, the material is not as rigid as the real Nekojasuri, the printing is nearly illegible, and the logo marks are NOT Wataoka’s Internationally registered Trademarks, as shown in the white insert.

The real and Nekojasuri has a tiny “Made in Japan” engraving among the teeth on the Nekojasuri.

The fake one doesn’t have the well tooled tiny teeth that only a file maker like Wataoka could produce. Unlucky customers who bought the cheap knock-off noticed it had no effect on their cats, as the teeth on the fake product do not actually resemble a cat’s tongue.

Fake 1
fake 2
fake 3

Crafted and Tooled by Wataoka File Company

Located in Nigata, Hiroshima Prefecture, the Wataoka File Company produces a whopping 95% of files in Japan! The Nekojasuri was developed based on more than 130 years of Wataoka’s tool making experience, and an understanding of what makes a cat swoon with pleasure! The Nekojasuri was a born when Mrs. Wataoka was playing with a file and tried it on her cat!

History of Wataoka Co. Ltd.

  • 1867 – Swordsmith Kasaku Wataoka’s second son, swordsmith Yuhei Kajiyama learns the file manufacturing technique in Osaka and he brought this skill to Nigata.
  • 1890 – Began manufacturing as part of a group of 26 file factories
  • 1911 – Eijiro Wataoka established Wataoka Iron Factory
  • 1927 – Shinjiro Wataoka established Wataoka Joint Stock Company
  • 1953 – Wataoka File Manufacturing Company Limited established
  • 1985 – Received design rights of manufacturing process for electrode polishing of files
  • 1997 – Company renamed Wataoka Co. Ltd.
  • 2018 – Awarded the “Good Design Award” for Nekojasuri
  • 2019 – Awarded the “Design Award” for nekojasuri
  • 2019 – Winner: the Reddot Award 2019 for nekojasuri
  • 2022 – Nekojasuri launched in the U.S.A.


The Nekojasuri is patented, under registration 6698995 in Japan.

Nekojasuri also has the design patent no. 160859 for the U.S.A.

The Nekojasuri is Trademarked in English and Japanese in the U.S.A

We at Japanese Goods USA will only offer official products which we purchase directly from the manufacturer or the legal representative of the manufacturer. Some online shopping sites in America are known to sell cheap knock-offs as above, and we will take legal action when these products are brought to our attention.

You have our guarantee.