Assorted Pickled Vegetables

Easy and refreshing Japanese pickles.
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Assorted Pickled Vegetables

Vegetable pickles (Tsukemono) are considered an important part of the Japanese diet. They are not only tasty , but also provide many health benefits. For example, vitamins, fiber, beta-carotene...etc. 

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Prep Time 5 mins Cook Time 1 min Total Time 6 mins 2 Servings: 2

★ The amount of ingredients and heating time are measured for 1 ~ 2 people.


★ cooking times may vary depending on your microwave's wattage, brand and size.


    1. Remove both ends of the cucumber , and cut into bite-sized. ( about 2-inch pieces)
    2. Cut carrot into sticks (about 2 inch width) **1
    3. Remove leaves from the turnip then cut into 6 pieces. ***2
    4. Cut the red chili pepper into rings as shown in the picture. (optional)
    5. Spread Kombu(kelp) on the bottom of the Donabe, then add a sliced ginger and seasonings. (Kombu is optional)
    6. Pour water into the Donabe until just enough to cover all the vegetables.
    7. Place kitchen paper on top of the ingredients.
    8. Cover with the lid and heat at 50% power level ( 5ooW) for 1 min. ***3
    9. Let it sit till cools down. 
    ***1... It doesn't have to be cut into sticks. You can cut into the shapes you like, but not too thick. ***2...You can also add other vegetables too: Daikon radish, eggplant, napa cabbage ***3...If your microwave doesn't have the Power Level Setting, please try to use the Low or Defrost Mode instead.
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