Cheesy Veggie Scrambled Eggs

Quick and easy breakfast or a side dish
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Cheesy Veggie Scrambled Eggs

A mixture of any vegetables of your choice and eggs creates this delicious scrambled eggs dish.

Prep Time 2 mins Cook Time 2 mins Total Time 4 mins 2 Servings: 2

★ The amount of ingredients and heating time are measured for 1 ~ 2 people.

★ cooking times may vary depending on your microwave's wattage, brand and size.

    1. Beat 2eggs in the Microwave Donabe.
    2. Add milk, chopped vegetables and cheese.
    3. Add a pinch of salt and pepper and mix.
    4. Cook for 30 seconds with the lid.
    5. Take out the Donabe and stir.
    6. Cook for another 30 seconds with the lid.
    7. Take out the Donabe and stir again.
    8. Cook for the last time for 1 minute. (if it's still runny, let the Donabe sits with the lid on for a few minutes till cooked through)
    9. Add some cheese on the top ( if you would like)
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